Can You Eat Eggs After Treating Chickens With Permethrin

Can You Eat Eggs After Treating Chickens With Permethrin?

You can apply Permethrin 10% to your chicken to prevent lice and mites. And after that, you wonder, “can you eat eggs after treating chickens with Permethrin?” The answer is yes. You can eat eggs after treating your chickens with Permethrin. It’s not a problem at all.

Permethrin is safe to use for your chicken. It is less toxic. This insecticide can efficiently help to prevent the lice and mites in your chicken. But while applying it, you have to follow specific measurements.

Now we will explain all the details about this topic. So, keep going!

What Is Permethrin?

Permethrin belongs to the pyrethroid family. And it works as an insecticide. Synthetic chemicals are the main elements of the pyrethroid family. These chemicals are extracted from the chrysanthemum flower. The chemical is proved to be fatal to mites and lice. 

However, you can use Permethrin to treat different kinds of unwanted insects. Permethrin can control mosquitoes, fleas, cockroaches, flies, mites, ticks, and lice. Moreover, you can use it on pets, livestock, feed crops, food, buildings, ornamental lawns, and even on clothing. 

Can You Eat Eggs After Treating Chickens With Permethrin

Can You Spray Permethrin In Chicken Coop?

Yes! You can spray Permethrin in your chicken coop. The 10% Permethrin spray is enough to treat your chicken coop, hen houses, and nest boxes. You can use Permethrin on poultry to control flies, Mange Mites, mosquitoes, blowflies, fleas or ticks, or hog lice. 

However, you have to use it for a particular amount. In 25 gallons of water, we recommend you use 8 OZ of products. And in 12.5 gallons of water, use 8 OZ of the product, only ½ oz per bird. This measurement helps treat poultry for Northern Fowl Mites, Poultry mites, and lice. 

Can You Eat Eggs After Treating Chickens With Permethrin?

Permethrin is a synthetic insecticide modeled after pyrethrum, which is derived from daisy-type flowers. When your chicken starts developing mites and lice, this medication destroys them.

However, after treating your birds with Permethrin, you can surely eat eggs.

But to reduce the Permethrin control within eggs, you must wait for seven days, at least after the completion of treatment. Reduced Permethrin content within the egg means there is less risk with it.

Is Permethrin A Safe Treatment For Your Poultry Lice And Mites?

Permethrin is an insecticides. And to some extent, every insecticide is toxic. Without toxicity, they won’t work. Anyway, this insecticide comes in the form of spray and dust. It works superbly by paralyzing the nervous system of the insect. Technically, Permethrin is a sodium channel blocker.

However, the toxicity level of Permethrin for birds is low. Therefore even if you use it in your chicken coop, you can eat the egg. It is approved to use in your poultry coop as a treatment against mites, lice, ticks, and bedbugs.

There are no specific Permethrin withdrawal periods. Permethrin maximum amount can be found in poultry meat one day after treatment. And after seven days of treatment, the maximum amount of Permethrin can be found in eggs. Anyway, in both cases, the effects of Permethrin decrease gradually.

When applying Permethrin to your birds’ bodies, avoid applying it to the face and eyes of your chicken. Otherwise, it will create a problem. Also, be careful while using it and avoid breathing it yourself. Like any other insecticide, you should handle Permethrin with care.

How to use Permethrin to dip your chickens

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you eat eggs after treating chickens for mites?

Before treating your poultry flock, check whether it is an “off-label” product or not. If yes, then before eating eggs, you must wait for ten days.

When should you not eat your chicken eggs?

You should avoid eating eggs with spots, cracks, abnormal shapes, or other irregularities.

How long is Permethrin toxic?

Due to very low skin and eye irritation, Permethrin is considered less toxic. For dermal exposure, the irritation becomes cleared within 48 hours. And for the ocular exposures, the irritation becomes complete in 72 hours.

Wrap up

And that is the end! Hopefully, you get the answer to your question, “Can you eat eggs after treating chickens with Permethrin?” the easy answer is yes. There is no problem with it.

If your small chicken flock suffer from mite and lice, you can use Permethrin to prevent them. And after applying it, don’t think much because you can eat an egg after applying Permethrin to your coop.

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