Chicken Coops Design Ideas

What Are The Best Chicken Coops Design Ideas For City People?

Are you ready to build your chicken coop with a fantastic design? Do you have enough chicken coop design ideas? It’s an exciting idea to build chicken coops. Most people do it by themselves. The finished project is impressive, and people enjoy the time while they make it. Some people have no idea about creating a fantastic design for the coops, especially those living in the city.

But coops can be designed in different ways, and they will look amazing if anyone knows how to build them uniquely. Choosing the place is a fact to consider. Then, you can apply your idea to build the coop in your backyard. Some people like to develop coops on their rooftops. There is no other better way than making coops to raise chickens and keep them safe.


New Chicken Coop Design Ideas For City People

You need unique chicken coop design ideas and instructions to build a coop. However, so many people plan for building it, but they fail because of a lack of instructions and pictures.

This article will show you some of the best chicken coops design ideas for city people and you can turn these ideas into a reality. Of course, these ideas will work better if you live in a city. We have put together several awesome ideas with different styles and shapes. Let’s dive into the discussion:


1. A-Frame Coop

The more accessible urban chicken coop design to build is the one made with A-frame. It’s like a small coop that you can place in the backyard. It’s an excellent idea to create a coop like this. If you design your cages this way, you can keep an actual nest.

In this coop, at least three chickens can take shelter. The coop can be carried easily. You can move it from one place to another place. And, most importantly you can build it in your garden.

Work for small chicken coop design ideas efficiently with the A-frame. This time it will be another idea. Keep space at the top of the coop. Keep the bottom open so that the chicken can scratch. The side of the coop can be flipped. You can move them if you design them in this way.


2. Wooden-Made Coop

You can plan to design coops with an old woodshed. Using wooden pallets, you can quickly build coops. First, however, you have to collect scrap lumber. It will be a large coop where more than 50 chickens can take shelter. Build it at outdoor so that the predators cannot make any harm to the chicken. The backyard is the best place for placing this type of coop. It’s a chic coop.


3. Coop Made of Upcycled Furniture

You can design for coops with upcycled furniture from a brand or exclusive furniture store. It will be easy to build compared to the others. For making the frame, you can use a bunk bed. Get some old bottle racks to create the best boxes. Even you can make with the toy storage boxes. Your chicken will be kept safe and cozy inside this coop.


4. Kitchen Cabinet Looking Coop

Create a wild chicken coop. Make a coop with woods to look like kitchen cabinets. It will look like old chicken coops. Build the coop with different parts. Make some drawers in it. You can place these coops in your outdoor. Keep a ladder with the coop so that the hens can have access.


5. Coop Made Off Cedar Board

Build a coop with a cedar board. Make a panel with the cedar board. And also, make the roof with fiberglass. Augment the coop with mobile run. Create a large door so that chicken can move quickly. Design the door at one side of the cage. Building this type of door will be easy to get the eggs and clean the coop.


6. Red Barn Made Coop

Create a coop with a red barn. Coops with a red barn look like traditional coops. Use fiberglass to make the coop. Make the roof in a way that it can be flip-up. At least four chickens can take shelter in this coop. Paint the cage with red color. The traditional cells look chic in red color.


7. Coop Build-of Mesh Fences

Create a big coop for chicken. You can plan to make it on your rooftop. Most city people try this idea. Build the coop with mesh fences. You can get inspiration from the bungalows. Ventilate the coop and make it in a way that at least five chickens can live in it.


8. Scavenged Materials Coop

Create coops with scavenged materials. Bring some cedar shakes. Make a large door at the front side of the coops. Keep some side doors so that the chicken gets fresh air. It will be easy to collect eggs. Chickens can go outside quickly. Keep a well-protected space in it.


Final Words

Are you worried about how you will plan if you have a lot of chicken? Then, you don’t have to worry because this idea will work well for you. For example, you can arrange a large coop if you have a lot of chicken. Then, the chicken will be able to run inside.

You can make a large coop with wood. There can be little spaces divided separately in the cage. It will look simple, but the chicken will get a lot of room inside the coop. Also, this sort of coop will be easier to clean. With some pieces of wood, you can make this coop easily.

The essential part is building the coop. You have to make a plan for it, prepare the space, create a frame for the coop, add the walls and doors, and build the run frame. Have you got your perfect chicken coop design ideas to make your chicken coops? Here, we have put together the best chicken coops design ideas for city people.

Chicken coops can be trendy if you build with creative ideas. A little planning can help you turn your ideas into real chicken coops. With the proper plan and vision, it can be more beautiful than you can imagine. People who like to make their coops with customized materials can easily apply these ideas.

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