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Which One Is The Best For You? DIY Or Premade Chicken Coops?

Have you already decided to build your chicken coops? But what will you prefer, DIY coops or premade chicken coops? If you have a chicken, you will think about one thing at first which is a safe shelter for it. Once you have chicken, it’s your responsibility to raise them up.

Then you have to think about building a home for them. It’s confusing to decide which type of coop is the best. Sometimes the owners have to spend more than months for choosing the best one. Some owners don’t have the skills to build coops. Thus, they buy premade coops.

Then you have to think about building a home for them. It’s confusing to decide which type of coop is the best. Sometimes the owners have to spend more than months for choosing the best one. Some owners don’t have the skills to build coops. Thus, they buy premade coops.

What Are The Facts You Should Consider In Building Premade Chicken Coops?

Coops are not only good for chicken but also fun for you. Several facts will determine whether you want the premade one or DIY coops. You should take these factors into account, to decide easily. Take these facts into consideration and let’s see your decision.

Whether you decide to get premade chicken coops or DIY chicken coops ensure that it will be a safe, healthy, and secure home for the chicken. It depends on you, and you must decide whether you want to invest or buy one. It’s a big decision whether you will purchase coops or build coops. You should consider following factors while selecting premade coops or DIY chicken coops.


The factor that matters the most is the price of the coops. When anyone decides to have coops, they consider this fact at first. If you choose to build coops, it will cost half of the expenditure you would spend for premade coops. So there is a difference in the expense.

You will find coops available in the market. But the price range depends on whether you want to make coops with the new or recycled materials. When you have already thought about designing coops, the cost for the coops will depend on the coops’ quality, size, and price. But if you don’t want to spend much on the coops, you can build it keeping pace with your preference and style.

Time For Building

Undoubtedly it will take more time for you to build your coops. Even if you build small-size coops, it will take a lot of time. However, it depends on the number of chickens and the house size. Sometimes it can take a month or three months, or sometimes it will take only a weekend to build coops.

Besides, you have to focus on the specific time within that you need to make your coops ready in your backyard. Decide the time you have in your hand before you want to build your coops. Because if you need coops within a short time, you can get premade coops. If you have much time, you can start planning on building coops for your chicken. The time that you have in your hand is necessary to make a decision.

Customize Requirements

Before you bring coops, you must consider the design, whether you buy a premade one or build one. Consider the location of the coops and the place where you will keep them. Think about the ventilation of the coops. If you buy premade coops and it’s not ventilated well, the chicken will not get enough air.

Wherever you place the coops, consider the weather of that particular space. If chickens can’t get enough air, they can’t survive. And if you buy premade coops with no window, you definitely have to skip it. However, DIY chicken coop kits are available.
Before you design for the coops, you have to consider so many things. If you find the design of the cages which you are seeking in premade coops, you don’t need to think of DIY coops.

Carpentry Skills

Once you choose DIY coops, you need some skills. Even you have to take risks. If you don’t want to take the risk, you may get premade coops. You need to use a hammer for small chicken coops. If you think that you don’t even know about using the hammer, don’t take the risk.

It will not be harmful to build your coops using your ideas. But you can make the team with some other people. Once you make a proper plan, you don’t have to be highly skilled like a carpenter. Ensure that you can use a hammer for building coops. It will not be wrong if someone helps you. Your partner can hold heavy things while building easy DIY chicken coops.

It’s High Time To Make A Decision

It’s a big thing to make the decision whether to get premade coops or DIY coops. We have discussed the facts to consider while choosing one. But while you take the final decision, think about three of these facts –

  • Do you want to save your money?
  • Will you enjoy making DIY coops?
  • Do you have enough time to complete the coops?

If you think that answers to all of these questions are positive, you have to decide on building coops. But, if you think that your responses are negative, you have to go for premade coops. However, if you go for DIY coops, you have to create a design. But it will not be going to be an easy plan to make coops.


Now finally, what have you decided for your chicken? Are you going to buy Premade chicken coops or DIY chicken coops? Which one is better? You can get coops from the stores or the manufacturer. After that, you have to search online from the website.
Besides, you can make your best chicken coops by yourself. But buying coops will be more expensive than building one for you. However, coops are available in good design within an affordable price range. But the goal of getting coops is the safe shelter for chickens and to keep the eggs safe.

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