Do Chickens Poop Where They Lay Eggs

Do Chickens Poop Where They Lay Eggs?

Every morning when the chicken coop owner finds messy nesting boxes and dirty eggs, they will indeed feel irritated. And seeing the dirty boxes and eggs, one question that comes to mind is, “Do chickens poop where they lay eggs?” The simple answer is yes!

Your chicken poops a lot at night. If your hen sleeps in the nesting boxes at night, they poop in the box. Ultimately the box becomes messy, and the eggs become dirty. So, to get the fresh egg, you must clean the nesting box daily. Also, before sorting out the eggs, you must clean their dirt.

In today’s guide, we will explain why your hens poop and lay eggs in the same place, how to prevent it, etc. So look no further and keep reading!

Do Chickens Poop Where They Lay Eggs?

The straightforward answer is yes, they do. Many chicken owners claim that they need to clean their nesting boxes regularly. The birds lay their eggs in the same box where they poop. They poop in all other remaining nesting boxes, also.

Your chicken lays clean eggs, but you may find them dirty because they also lay poop in the same place, which causes dirt in eggs. So the nesting boxes of your chicken coop become messy, and the eggs become dirty.

When the backyard chicken coop owner finds the eggs covered by poop or dirt, they feel frustrated. So the easiest way to get fresh eggs is to regularly clean the eggs and nesting boxes.

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Why Do Chickens Poop Where They Lay Eggs?

Chicken poop at the same place where they lay eggs because the chicken sleeps in the nesting box. Chickens poop a lot, especially at night. So when they rest on the nesting boxes, all the droppings over the night also accumulate on the boxes. Ultimately the nesting boxes become messy. And the coop owner needs to clean it every day.

When the eggs remain at night in the dirty nesting box litter, they become dirty, messy, and stinky too. If you clean out the nesting box daily, the egg will remain clean, also.

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How To Prevent The Pooping Of Chickens Where They Lay Eggs?

To keep the eggs clean and prevent the pooping of chickens, you must avoid your chicken’s sleeping in the nesting boxes. The following tips can help to prevent your chicken from sleeping in the nesting boxes.

Block The Nesting Boxes

Every evening block off the nesting boxes. And it’s the easiest way to stop your chicken from pooping in the place where they lay eggs. Depending on your nesting boxes’ setup, you can use cardboard, a large board, or DIY chicken wire to block off your coop’s nesting boxes.

To get more ideas about preventing your chicken from pooping in the nest box, you can watch this video:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Chicken Poop And Lay Eggs in the Same Place?

Yes, your chicken lays eggs and poop from the same opening. But eggs don’t get in touch with the poop.

How Do Chickens Decide Where to Lay Eggs?

Your birds like to lay eggs, especially in enclosed places. In a chicken coop, the nest boxes are the enclosure for your chicken. So they decide to lay eggs in the nesting boxes.

End Note

Hopefully, the above article has been informative enough, and now you know, “Do chickens poop where they lay eggs?” Yes, they do. But you can prevent it by blocking the nesting boxes every evening.

Blocking the boxes will prevent your chicken from staying in the nest box at night. As a result, your chicken will not get the chance to poop in the nesting boxes.

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