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How Much Liquid Corid Per Gallon Of Water For Chickens Is Required?

Coccidiosis is a severe disease that strikes fear even in the most experienced chicken keeper’s heart. This disease is deadly, and it moves quickly among the flock. And even in a few days, it can wipe out your whole chicken flock. But luckily, Corid makes the prevention and treatment of Coccidiosis disease easier. 

Corid is a drug. Therefore it has specific measurements to use. So to treat your chicken with it, you must know how much liquid Corid per gallon of water for chickens is needed. Well, we are telling you the measurement. 

As a preventive dose, use 1/3 teaspoon / per gallon of Corid of 20% soluble powder. And use the 9.6% Corid solution ½ teaspoon/per gallon as the preventive dose. The measurement of this dosage varies based on how severely Coccidiosis attacks your chicken. 

Now we will explain the details about Corid and its different measurements. So continuously keep reading till the end.

What Is Corid?

Corid is a drug. It is also called Amprolium. Amprolium is a drug; don’t mistake thinking it for an antibiotic. The most common use of this drug is to treat the Coccidiosis disease of your chicken. 

Corid leaves some Coccidia in the system and helps in creating antibodies. To develop resistance against Coccidiosis disease, Corid stimulates the antibodies creation. You should treat your entire flock with Corid even if a single bird in the flock shows the symptoms. 

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How Does Corid Work?

Corid mimics Thiamin and Vitamin B1’s function. With the help of these vitamins, Cocci parasites grow, survive and reproduce. Once you start giving the Corid dosage regularly, Corid limits vitamin B1’s mechanism. Ultimately the Cocci parasites start suffering from vitamin deficiency.

However, then, these parasites die of starvation as a result of a reduction in vitamin levels. If you treat your affected chicken regularly for five days with Corid, your chicken will be cured of Coccidiosis. 

Anyway, the Corid treatment is not enough. Along with this treatment, you should also give Vitamin K and Vitamin A supplements to your chickens. 

How Much Liquid Corid Per Gallon Of Water For Chickens Is Needed?

How Much Liquid Corid Per Gallon Of Water For Chickens Is Required

Corid is the most commonly used drug to treat Coccidiosis. For the prevention of Coccidiosis, Corid dosages are given to the birds. It’s an effective treatment. The Corid dose for chickens per gallon of water is as follows: 

Dose TypeCorid 20% Soluble Powder (Per Gallon)Corid Liquid (9.6% Solution) (Per Gallon)
The Preventative Dose (0.006%)1/3 teaspoon per gallon ½ teaspoon per gallon
The Moderate Outbreak Dose (0.12%)¾ tea spoon per gallon1 tea spoon per gallon 
The Severe Outbreak Dose (0.24%)1.5 tea spoon per gallon 2 tea spoon per gallon 

Corid 20% Soluble Powder

The active ingredient in 20% Corid Soluble Powder is Amprolium. FDA approves it. Most importantly, this soluble powder is safe for chickens. If your chicken flock suffers from Coccidiosis disease, we recommend you follow these treatment protocols below: 

1. 5 Day Treatment

When your chickens become affected by Coccidiosis, give them a Corid dosage for five days consecutively. It is one way of treatment for them. Don’t give Corid as it is to your chicken. 

Instead, first, mix Corid in water. And then give it to your birds in a particular amount. For per KG, 10 mg is the recommended daily dosage of Corid. 

2. 21-Day Prevention Plan

For treating Cocci, the above plan is effective. But to prevent further trouble of Cocci to your native chicken in the future, we come with this 21 days prevention plan. 

We recommend you follow the 21 days protocol to prevent the further spread out of Coccidiosis among the flock. 

Per KG chicken, give 5 MG Amprolium for 21 days consecutively. To prevent the outbreak giving 21 days daily dosage is a must. 

Corid 9.6% Oral Solution

The liquid oral Solution contains 9.6% Amprolium to prevent and treat Coccidiosis. You can give the liquid Corid dosage for chickens as a drench treatment. Or you can give it mixed with the drinking water of your chicken. 

1. Treatment Protocol

In 100 gallons of water, add 16 oz of Corid to make the Solution. Per 1 pt of water, add 3 oz of Corid if you want to provide a drench treatment to your chickens. 

Our recommendation is per 100 Ibs of weight, provide 1 Oz. You should give the dosages of liquid Corid to chickens using a syringe. 

2. Preventive Protocol

Following the preventive protocol, you must make the Solution by adding Corid’s 8 oz to 100 gallons of water. In 1 pt of water, add Corid by 1.5 oz for drench treatment. 

On the other hand, per 100 Ibs body weight, give 1 oz syringe dosage for prevention. 

How Fast Does Corid Work?

Mostly with 2-3 days of treatment, Corid dosage starts showing the results. Sometimes in case of an extreme disease outbreak, Corid may take longer than three days to work. The recommendation is to continuously give Corid dosages to your flock. 

If you don’t see the results within a few days, then up to 5-7 days extend the treatment. Still, if the improvement in your chicken’s health condition is invisible, the dosage may not work. 

The reason can be that your bird is suffering from another disease. And that is why Corid dosages are not working in your chicken’s body. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Give Corid By Mouth?

You can give Corid mixed with drinking water or as a drench. In the prevention and treatment of Coccidiosis, you can use Corid. Widely it is indicated as Amprolium. 

Will Corid Deworm Chickens?

No! Corid won’t treat worms. It is used to treat the intestinal parasite disease Coccidiosis. 

What Is The Best Medicine For Coccidiosis In Chickens?

The best medicine for Coccidiosis in chickens is Corid or Amprolium. This medicine blocks the uptake and multiplies the ability of the Coccidiosis bird. 

Final Thought

Optimistically this article has taken you through every detail of Corid. Now you know how much liquid Corid per gallon of water for chickens is needed? 

Following our suggested approach, treat your chicken to get them out of Coccidiosis. Hopefully, the Corid dosage will start working. And your chicken will become Coccidiosis free within a short time. 

If you need any further help to know something, you can comment. ASAP you will get a reply. 

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