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10 DIY Chicken Coop Plans You Can Build By Own

You should follow the best chicken coop design ideas to build the first coop on your own. To complete a chicken coop building, you require to follow some special step-by-step instructions. However, the coop design ideas vary depending on the various shapes, sizes, and styles.

Before stepping out for this job, you need to follow a genius chicken coop idea. Building a great design will provide several benefits for your chickens and you. Build your coop to ensure a safe home for your chicken, and make sure that your chicken can grow in a good way.

10 Best Chicken Coop Design Ideas

If you don’t have previous experience with how to build a chicken coop, then you should do enough research on the coop’s design and ideas before starting the coop building. The chicken coop building is very easy if you have basic woodworking skills.

Just by following a detailed plan, you can build a specific design coop for your chicken. Whether you want to follow a new fashion or old-fashioned chicken coop plans, you need to go through the following ten best ideas. So, let’s start the discussion:

1. DIY Chicken Coop Idea

When you think of building and designing your own chicken coop, immense research is the first important thing that you need to do. Even if you are looking for a simple and new chicken coop, you should follow the right design ideas. The easy DIY chicken coop plans enable you to build a cage for your chicken folks according to your requirement.

When you are researching about DIY chicken coop ideas and designs, you need to think different aspects of it as well. If you plan to keep only 10-15 chickens in your coop, it’s very easy, and you can also quickly manage your coop. Also, before building a coop, ensure it will save your chickens from the extremely cold winters.

2. Urban Chicken Coop

This coop plan is best for you if you love to follow the step-by-step instructions and photographs. This design is effortless and super simple. For the small chicken flock, this coop is very cute. This cute chicken house can ensure enough space and safety for your chicken.

By customizing your coops, you can enjoy enormous fun. You can customize your coop design according to your requirement, following the unique painted designs or colors on its outside. This is the right option for you if you are looking for a small coop with little space and a couple of hens.

3. Modern Farmer Chicken Coop Plans

You can create a gorgeous haven for your birds by following this modern farmer coop design. The contemporary farmer follows a process’s each step. So even the beginner can quickly develop this design. This plan comes with different excellent features. For example, it describes the way of setting up your interior also.

Also, this design allows you to make a plan for where you can put the nesting boxes, roots, water fount, and feeder. Just like building the coop’s exterior building, all these things are also important.

4. Farmhouse Style Chicken Coop

The farmhouse-style chicken coop is another chicken coop plan for 6 chickens. This coop’s design is large and simple; standing up inside, the chicken gets enough headroom. Also, the door of this coop becomes high enough. Thus, the large door helps to avoid the banging of your head. Also, an expansive run area is available in it.

However, the storage area of this coop is very standard, and by adding additional space, you can store other animals also. The design and built-in form of this coop are T-shaped. Building the chicken coop at 90 degrees angle enables you to enjoy a farmhouse look.

However, the Farmhouse style created by the other touches also includes the Dutch door’s addition and the corrugate roof’s use. You can give a nice finish to your coop by giving it a minimal white paint finish. In this design, you will love the following chicken coop ideas:

  • Dutch door’s split opening. This type of opening helps perfect ventilation, looks excellent, and prevents unwanted visitor access.
  • Maximum re-using of material
  • The cleanup became significantly more accessible because of the roosting bar at the raised platform.
  • For self-sufficient lighting, one of the best options is solar light. Automatically in a power shortage situation or darkness, this light goes on.
  • Positioned the large windows to maximize the use of the sun. The large window ensures enough ventilation, offers natural warmth, and keeps your chickens healthy and safe.

5. Unique Chicken Coop

Using the naturally durable cedar, you can build a unique chicken coop. You can use durable cedar and clear panels to make a perfect structure. However, you can add mesh to your coop’s walls to create an airy, and light greenhouse look. More creative ideas about this 4×8 chicken coop plan are:

  • Add charm to your chicken coop by using plants in it. Around the borders, add low-level herbs and grapevine climbing up your built structure.
  • The cedar will not warp easily because of its worn-resistant feature. Naturally, cedar is resistant to insects and rot.
  • Make the specific gravel choice specifically for its color.
  • Make your chicken coop building less intrusive by clearing the wall panels.

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6. Rustic Farmhouse Chicken Coop

You can build the rustic chicken coop by re-using and up-cycling the materials without sacrificing the look. Using a cottonwood Shanty, you can make this coop. For the run entry door, you have the option to re-cycle the old-screen door. And for the coop, you can use a worn-resistant and rough door.

However, using the long tree branch, you can build a coop with a natural and rustic look. This branch will provide you with a roosting bar facility. Adding plants to the coop’s run can provide another excellent chicken coop idea from this design.

You should add those plans to the run, which your chicken will not eat. If you add some plants at the coop’s entrance and exterior lights, your cage will have a pretty homely feeling.

7. HGTV Chicken Coop

This HGTV chicken coop idea is quite lovely. And if you build this coop by striking the deep red color with white contrast, it will look great. The color choice can significantly transform your chicken coop’s design. If you are looking for an all-in-one compact design, this HGTV coop plan is for you. To get a great view, you can add a beautiful box of flowers under the window and a nesting box.

8. Modern Farmer Chicken Coop Design

So you can get an excellent helpful outline idea from the Modern Farmer chicken coop. By following this idea, you will get to know how to build a coop, how you can customize it following your requirements, and many more things.

If you choose this coop design, you can easily customize it according to your requirements. Also, following this design, you can get helpful specifications for any chicken coop. The specifications are:

  • Nesting boxes – for 4 chickens, the required boxes are 1
  • Length of the roosting bar – for per bird, the length is 8 inches
  • Inside space – per chicken, the minimum inside space is 2-3 square feet
  • Enclosed area – the area increased by 2 feet
  • Exterior Space – per chicken, the exterior space should be 4-5 square feet
  • Water – place the water above the ground by 6-8 inches
  • Wood – for your chicken, the pressure-treated timber is not good. Thus you should use redwood or cedar.

Following the above helpful guidelines, you can plan for your chicken coop’s size. Building the cage under the tree is the favorite idea from this Farmer coop. In summer, this coop provides shade and lets the sun in your cell even in winter when the tree’s all leaves drop.

9. Unbound Roots Coop Plans

If you live in a harsh winter zone, this Unbound Root design is the perfect option for you. The wall insulation and built floor in Unbound Root allows you to protect your coop and chicken from the harsh winter. However, the Unbound Root’s impressive structure looks less like a chicken coop and is more likely similar to the stable block.

You can choose the striking white and red color scheme for your chicken’s home. The re-purposing of this unit will be very hard to beat. You can use the door and boards from the family farmhouse to build this coop design.

However, the cleaning of this unit is also significantly easier. Over the base, the coop’s laid laminate floor is effortless to clean. By using the remnant piece, you can save money. Using the top-hinged and basic windows is another idea of saving money.

The additional wide door of this Unbound Root coop into the run allows the wheelbarrow access. Also, it enables access to the slope of the nesting box’s roofs to stop the roosting of the chicken.

10. Tractor Supply Chicken Coop Plans

You can get some good chicken coop ideas and advice from the Tractor Supply Company. This company brings the moveable chicken coop’s best idea and following this plan, and you can use the land’s different parts. For your chicken, you can make the best coop. And also, you can keep your property fresh by utilizing the land’s various components. This chicken coop idea is called the chicken tractor.

Following this, you need to emphasize the per chicken’s good space ideas. More space means your brood’s fewer problems, and your chicken will also have sufficient space. This design allows you to bring up a nice thought for your chicken. And undoubtedly this chicken coop idea is one of the best designs.

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Wrap up

So after going through the above comprehensive, detailed guide, surely now you know the best chicken coop design ideas. Before making a good coop for your chickens, knowing all these above ideas and plans are very important.

The coop is not only the shelter for your chicken but the house where the chickens grow out. So, just like the people’s home, you must also consider the chicken’s comfort. The coop design and making greatly influence the healthiness and happiness of your chicken. So make the decision wisely.

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