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11 Best Small Space Small Chicken Coop Ideas That Are Easy To Build

First, you should do in-depth research before building and designing your own small space small chicken coop. Even if you want an easy and simple design coop for your chicken, you should select the right one. You should look at several chicken coop ideas and pick the best one for your chicken. Make sure you choose the best coop design which will keep your chicken safe in all weather conditions.

If you plan to keep only 10-15 chickens, you should select a simple design that will be easy to make and manage. Make a coop that will support and protect your chickens from your area’s predators and the long cold winters. So another essential considering factor is the looking of the cage. Make sure your selected coop looks nice with your main house and the surrounding area.

Go for the small space chicken coop design, which will ideally be in size and will have an easily accessible nesting box and supplies. Ensure a decent run area for your chicken. Also, check the coop’s roof and make sure it is sturdy enough so that it can give protection to your chicken in snow and summer weather. Now keep reading this article to learn the 11 best coop design ideas. 

11 Best Small Space Small Chicken Coop Ideas

The best small chicken coop design ideas are the following:

1. Simple DIY Chicken Coop

If you are thinking of a great-looking small chicken coop, then this Simple DIY coop idea can best suit you. Building this coop requires using lots of power tools, so if you take help from a professional workshop to build it, that would be better. However, you can also create this coop by yourself because making this DIY chicken coop is simple enough.

The exterior nesting box in this smaller chicken coop saves interior space. Moreover, this exterior nesting makes the egg collection more accessible. In this design, you can use the arched door also. Again it would look like a mini home if you use the shingles on its roof.

The smaller design coop’s most significant benefit is that you can easily install the shingles on its roof panel. This one is definitely a go chicken coop idea but doesn’t get locked by this single one. Go through the other ideas also.

2. Farmhouse Style Chicken Coop

The farmhouse-style mini chicken coop is another excellent option that you can pick. This design is possible to build both in large and small spaces. If you make the small design coop, you will not get enough chance to stand up inside it. However, this coop has a door, so you can quickly get in or out of the cage. But if the area becomes large, it would be better, and you will get enough space to stand up inside of it.

This chicken coop building incorporates a good-size storage area. Moreover, you can keep other animals in it along with your chicken. This coop’s built-in design comes in a T-shape and is run and built at 90 degrees angle.

If you add the Dutch door and use the corrugated roof, this Farmhouse style coop will look more beautiful. Moreover, you can finish it nicely by doing minimal white paint on it. In this design, you will love the following ideas:

  • Dutch door’s split opening. It will help the ventilation system, and the coops will look great. Moreover, it will prevent unwanted visitors’ sudden access.
  • Use the material for catching pop, and it will make the cleaning easier.
  • For self-sufficient lighting, use the solar lights, and automatically the light will turn on in darkness.
  • To maximize the sun’s use, you can use a large winder. It will ensure natural warmth in your coop. Moreover, the open ventilation system will keep your chickens safe.
  • For easy access to the coop inside, use the nesting boxes.

3. A Walk-in Two-Story Coop

For an urban home, another smaller chicken coop idea is this one. You can make this one using the locally purchased kit. With the coop’s main structure, different types of designs are available.

The central run area of this coop makes the chicken’s movement easier. And on either side, you can externally attach the interior space. This design will surely fit well with your home’s style, and you will surely love this chicken coop shape.

4. Unique Chicken Coop

You can build the unique chicken coop structure using naturally durable cedar. Use mesh in the coop’s wall and clear panel to give your cage an airy and light greenhouse look. More unique coop ideas are:

  • You can increase the coop’s charm by using plants
  • Cedar won’t warp, and it is rot and insects resistance
  • Be specific about the color choice

5. Rustic Farmhouse Chicken Coop

The Cottonwood Shanty rustic chicken coop proves that without sacrificing the look by re-using and up-cycling the materials, you can build a beautiful enclosure for your chicken. You can use natural materials and old doors to make the rustic coop. And using all these will give the rustic farmhouse charm to your chicken coop. Moreover, you can get a natural and enhanced rustic look by using a long tree branch.

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6. Simple Kit Chicken Coop

This simple kit chicken coop is the best option for you if you don’t have much time and you like to build the coop using the readymade kit. The built-in planter box will ensure a more nice addition. The chicken coop’s space-efficient design will entirely run under the coop building, and the chicken will have really small footprints in it. Easily, around 4 chickens can live in this small size coop.

7. HGTV Chicken Coop

The striking white color with contrasting deep red color and the lovely HGTV chicken coop design will impress you. It’s not necessary that you have to paint your coop in the same white and red color, and you can use a different color. But the choice of color significantly affects the chicken coop design and its transformation.

8. Modern Chicken Coop Plan

The modern chicken coop plan will take you in a completely different direction from the traditional charm. The modern and architect-designed look will surely make you feel comfortable. Compared to the chicken coop’s classic designs, this modern chicken coop idea is very different and eye-catching also.

The wall’s slatted design, enough ventilation facility, and light and shade’s nice mixture will definitely give you a good feeling. You can quickly establish this coop design in warmer regions along with the modern style home. Moreover, your chicken will receive plenty of shades from the hot sun through this coop.

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9. Modern Farmer Chicken Coop Plans

You can get a handy outline from the modern farmer chicken coop plans. You will get clear idea on how to build the chicken coop, and you can also customize it according to your requirements. Also, for any chicken coop, you will get the helpful specifications. Several specifications are the following:


  • Rooting bar length – Per bird 8.”
  • Enclosed area – 2 feet increases 
  • Exterior space – Per chicken, the minimum space is 4-5 square feet 
  • Inside space – per chicken, the minimum space is 2-3 square feet
  • Nesting boxes – for 4 chickens, you required one box 
  • Water – above the ground, place the coop 6-8.”
  • Wood – as the pressure-treated timber, use redwood or cedar

10. Unbound Roots Chicken Coop Plans

This unbound root chicken coop design will be the perfect option for you if you live in extremely harsh winter or somewhere else like this. This coop’s wall insulation and floor buildup will protect your chicken from the Minnesota winters. This design looks less like the chicken coop and more like the small stable block.

The impressive structure and the beautiful color combination will make it more attractive. For your chicken’s home, you can choose the white color and striking red color combination. The re-purpose of this coop is really hard to beat. You can also make this coop using your family’s old home’s door and boards.

11. Tractor Supply Free Chicken Coop

This small backyard chicken coops design is movable, and you can take it from one place to another or at the land’s different parts. Moreover, this structure helps to keep your property fresh and clean. This type of coop is mostly famous as the chicken tractor.

This coop design focus on the necessity of sufficient space for each chicken. If your chickens get more room, they will be less aggressive and will have fewer problems. You can re-configure this chicken coop idea by re-using the existing structure like the shed or kennel.

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Wrap up

So, after going through the above comprehensive details, now you know about the best small space small chicken coop ideas. From the above designs, you can take inspiration, and you can build a lovely backyard coop.

Choose the right coop design ideas for your smaller spaces and build them in the perfect size. Make sure the coop will ensure enough safety and protection for your chicken, and it will also look beautiful with your home design. Choose the small chicken coop design wisely.

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